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by Hello From Greece

*På grekiska betyder ordet ”zo” ”jag lever” och ordet ”gia” betyder ”för”. Zogia är alltså en ordlek som kan betyda ”jag lever för”.

ZO… gia *

Since 1985, ZOGIA, whose pursuit of quality and culture has been firmly rooted in the company, has offered its services with the absolute goal of achieving a high level of service and showing total respect towards the customer.

With a selection of more than 200 teas from around the world to choose from, coffee of individual varieties, a unique chocolate, homemade desserts, but also salads, cold dishes, pancakes, tortillas, sandwiches, pasta, refreshing cocktails and an excellent wine list of small wine and beer producers from all over Greece, the company has for years now managed to be among the most popular food choices in Greece.

Part of what characterizes the place during all these years is the culture. The projects that take place are based on four pillars: art, books, music and theater. In ZOGIA you can enjoy small artistic ”explosions” (paintings or photographs), take part in an author’s evening with speech or writing, a show or a theater performance, or something ”edible” in musical form…

ZOGIA: 54, Αlexandrou Svolou

Phone number: 2310243459

Facebook: Ζώγια – Βιβλίο Τσάι και Συμπάθεια

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